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Name Gender Member Number Membership Type
Respect gym Gheorghe Dadu Male LTTVUMKM Youth
No foto Alexandra Erhan Female HSUN0AMD Youth
Img 5680 Belinschi Vladislav Male WVDMR8KW Adult
Aligator Cezar Bureti Male GNVUYA9P Youth
Coltuc 1 2 Male XC8QD0ZZ Adult
Coltuc Petru Andrian Male Z9JT0WYV Youth
Vlah egor Egor Vlah Male 0M6EUPHH Youth
Coltuc Ion Liviţchi Male 1HY4GVRW Youth
574da0fc38b66 Pavel Barbanoua Male LCAIUEKT Youth
Coltuc Timur Manalachi Male WCV0VP6V Youth
Coltuc Dimitri Luca Male NOMF81ST Youth
Coltuc Ilie Meriacre Male XKIR7FQX Adult
No foto Stefania Tataru Female 4VSDTZMJ Youth
Champion Roman Scobioala Male VDYTUKX5 Youth
Img 5677 Chesea Eduard Male FFIX1EHR Adult
Coltuc Maxim Angheluţa Male NZIOOSRK Youth
Coltuc Petru Gurulea Male QCWACHOK Adult
Adrenaline Vergiliu Grîu Male HS4UQ7MR Youth
574da0fc38b66 Ion Cebotari Male HVRSMAUR Adult
Defensiv Zosim Peiu Male MTIUWPTY Youth
Coltuc Irina Ciobanu Male 5A7IRUFQ Youth
Ltps 2 Eduard Cincilei Male D4XNGFOZ Youth
Coltuc Alexandru Bordean Male HGAOSH5F Youth
Lion comrat Nichita Enachiev Male LY7U7ZY6 Youth
574da0fc38b66 Ion Lupu Male EPV2QTWZ Adult
Legion Nelia Băț Female UUBDAAPG Youth
Champion Bogdan Gangan Male THXPKBZ5 Youth
Respect gym Pavel Repida Male I7RQCDKJ Youth
Aligator Stanislav Borimecikov Male XSB1XSHO Adult
Lion comrat Alexei Cristov Male CZGBU9EE Youth
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